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Call for 2017 Award Nominations

The awards program of the American Society of Mining and Reclamation is our premiere program that enables us the opportunity to honor and recognize members of our Society for their outstanding and exemplary efforts in mined land reclamation fields of research, teaching, outreach and long-term efforts and accomplishments in this area. Our awards committee is composed of representatives of the mining industry, academia, and government agencies (regulatory and research). We are now accepting nominations for the Reclamationist of the Year Award, the Richard H. and Lela I. Barnhisel Researcher of the Year Award, the William T. Plass Award, the Early Career in Reclamation Award, the Distinction in Reclamation Award and Pioneers in Reclamation. Recognition of Pioneers in Reclamation is not limited to one individual in a given year so please remember those that have contributed to the field of reclamation throughout their career and nominate them for this award. We encourage all members to give serious consideration to nominating one of the many worthy members for these awards for 2017. Format information is below and the nomination procedure is quite simple. Remember that the nominator and the successful recipient of the five main awards receive a complimentary registration for the annual conference----just another incentive to nominate a worthy co-worker/acquaintance in the field of mined land reclamation. Because the 2017 conference is April 9-13, 2017, the deadline for award nominations will be November 4, 2016. This gives the awards committee time to evaluate the nominations and also gives our Executive Secretary time to get the plaques ordered and certificates prepared. Please submit your nomination to Jerry Schuman at as a Word document. Ensure that your letters of recommendation are included as a part of nomination document. Please abide by the nomination length limits which enable all nominations to receive equal and fair evaluation and comparison. Unsuccessful past nominations may be revised and resubmitted, often the difference between first and second in any one year may be slight, so feel free to resubmit revised nominations. So now is the time to start preparing your nominations. We are hoping for a record year of nominations for 2017.

William T. Plass Award

Barnhisel Reclamation Researcher of the Year

Reclamationist of the Year

Pioneers in Reclamation

Distinction in Reclamation

Early Career

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