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PAST ASMR Meetings


NOTE:For Conference Proceedings for All Past Meetings, please go to Conference Proceedings page.

Complete Listing of All Past Meetings

If there is not a link for a particular year, that year does not have its own page.

  • 2014 Oklahoma City OK Meetings
  • Abstracts
  • Exhibitors Logos and Web sites
  • Final Program and to view PowerPoints and listen to the talks, Click here for the Final Program with links to Camtasia and PowerPoints. Click on Green box for PowerPoint and Red box for Camtasia or audio files. If one or both the boxes are missing, the file is not available. These start on page 18 of the program. However, you will need to use either Internet Explorer, or Safari as your browser as you will not likely be able to open the imbedded PDF files with Chrome and Firefox due to a software problem with Adobe Software. If inside the boxes it turns yellow when the pointer is over the file indicates you need to use a different brouser.
  • Listing of Presentations Click here for the Excel File.
  • The PowerPoint Presentations include audio tracks are very slow to load depending on your internet speed and could take from 3 to 10 minutes. They also vary in volume, so be prepared to adjust the settings for a given presentation. Some authors opted not to include their presentation due to various reasons such as confidential information and and a few were "NO-SHOWS" There are some have only the PowerPoint version when the audio was either poor or was not recorded due to techical reasons.
  • The PowerPoints should download more rapidly but when you open an audio track in Camtasia, going back to the program is very slow and it may be quicker to reload the Final Program with links and start over.
  • 2013 Laramie Wyoming Meetings
  • For Activities for past meetings such as Awards go to the awards section, for published papers go to conference proceedings below is simply a listing as to where these meetings were held the various years.
    • 2012 Tupelo Mississippi
    • 2011 Bismarck ND
    • 2010 Pittsburgh PA

    • 2009 Billings MT

    • 2008 Richmond VA

    • 2007 Gillette WY

    • 2006 St. Louis MO

    • 2005 Brekenridge CO

    • 2004 Morgantown, WV

    • 2003 Billings, MT

    • 2002 Lexington, KY

    • 2001 Albuquerque, NM

    • 2000 Tampa, FL

    • 1999 Scottsdale, AZ

    • 1998 St. Louis, MO

    • 1997 Austin TX

    • 1996 Knoxville TN

    • 1995 Gillette, WY

    • 1994 Pittsburgh, PA

    • 1993 Spokane, WA

    • 1992 Duluth, MN

    • 1991 Durango, CO

    • 1990 Charleston, WV

    • 1989 Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    • 1988 Pittsburgh, PA

    • 1987 Billings, MT

    • 1986 Jackson, MS

    • 1985 Denver CO

    • 1984 Owensboro, KY