Student Membership, Scholarships and Grants

Student Membership is discounted to encourage active participation in ASMR. ASMR also provides scholarships and other financial incentives to participate within the society.

Student Members

Al-lami, Mariam
Angel, Hannah
Aviles, Luis
Billeter, Mitchell
Brumm, Daniel
Buss, Jennifer
Buyantogtokh, Uuganbayar
Caterino, Bartholomew
Church, Taylor
Cliff, Michelle
Comer, Cassidy (Part-Time)
Corcoran, Patrick
Curran, Michael
Dallaire, Kara
Ernst, Karina
Favorito, Jessica
Fleisher, Kurt
Fortunato, John
Fu, Yanhua
Fulton, Stephanie
Gaughan, John
Grey, Catherine
Hajec, Andrew
Hamilton, Schuyler
Hollern, Andrew
Holzbauer-Schweitzer, Brandon
Hugo, Justin
Jacobs, Amy
Kemak, Zachary
King, Carolyn
LaBar, Julie
Leroux, Adam
Long, Stefan
Madl, David
Mariano, Mark
McManamen, Christine
Messmer, Luc
Mignogna, Lydia
Monteleone, Alexis
Nattrass, Michael
Page, Bryan
Patton, Hannah
Pennino, Amanda
Peterman, Cara
Potopa, Andrew
Prine, Amanda
Rovder, Ashley
Roychowdhury, Abhishek
Severson, John
Shepherd, Nicholas
Shoemaker, Staci
Sikora, Amy
Spellman, Charles
Streckenbach, Zachary
Tang, Zepei
Tomkowski, Kevin
Valkanas, Michelle
Vinglish, Joshua
Walsh, Kathryn
Williams, Madelyn
Wolfe, Megan
Wolfe, Staci
Zink, Cody

Student Chapters

There is a group within Regular and Student Members that are currently identified as "Early Career or Young Professionals." These items will be placed on the Regular Membership page.