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Reclamation Matters

The Reclamation Matters is the official magazine of ASMR but this is not our Journal which is a seperate publication. This magazine is distributed to active ASMR members or to those who subscribe to only the magazine ($10/year) and the magazine is mailed from the ASMR office in Illinois. After six months, the past issue is placed online. Do you wish a hard copy of the current issue of this magazine; contact ASMR at and the Executive Secretary will send you one while supplies last. There is another option to receive Reclamation Matters magazine at a reduced rate, our annual subscription option to Reclamation Magazine Click here. These subscriptions are to be received between January and March. Otherwise they should be purchased as indicated above as supply lasts.

The publisher supplies ASMR with copies for distribution and no longer sends them from their office. Hence, the number of copies we receive are only a few more than the number of active members at the time the copies are printed and will not be mailed to non-members except to those who pay the annual publishing and mailing costs of $10. Please send payment to ASMR, 1305 Weathervane, Champaigh, IL 61821. We do accept Discover, Visa and MasterCard, but a 6% credit card processing fee will be added to this transaction.

The first issue of the magazine appeared in spring of 2004 and the magazine is currently being published twice a year. The advertising pays for only the printing. The current mailing list is about 300 (USA) and sent to more than 100 foreign persons and libraries. If you wish to advertise in our magazine contact ASMR, or click on the rate sheet and/or fax information item on the web page. If you wish to submit an article, contact either Jeff Skousen or the ASMR office. Articles will be reviewed Dr Skousen and if acceptable, will appear one of our future issues. We also encourage articles to be submitted from all of the Technical Divisions and especially those articles that are of an applied nature; however, some data is also encouraged and especially color photos. Articles are not generally greater than four typed pages in length excluding space for the digital photos and/or small tables. Back issues are available online obtained by clicking on the Reclamation Matters section on the web page.

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