Technical Divisions

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Technical divisions are smaller groups within the Society whose members have a specific professional interest. The Society recognizes their value and serves as an umbrella organization to provide national recognition. They may develop special sessions for the Societyís annual meetings and publish professional manuals. Each agrees to support the policy and objectives of the Society. The Chair of these divisions serves as the coordinator of the review of papers for the annual meetings and responsible for conducting business meetings at the national ASMR meeting.

Other Activities of Technical Divisions

To facilitate these objectives, the division intends to:

  • Meet at least annually at the ASMR National Meetings and discuss how the Division will contribute to next yearís annual meeting, discussing not just what would be relevant but identifying who will solicit papers on specific topics.
  • Identify in advance related topics and authors for articles for ASMRís Reclamation Matters magazine.
  • Supply information about the Division on ASMRís web site, to foster communication between Division members.
  • Periodically send out e-mails to Division members (through the Executive Secretary) so that those who cannot attend an annual Society meeting are made aware of what has transpired and given an opportunity to participate in Division activities.
  • Prepare technical summary papers on topics that are the subject of current public policy debate, when an issue of importance emerges and stimulate the Division membership.
  • Encourage interactions with ASMRís student chapters and mentoring relationships with undergraduates, graduate students and post-doctoral researchers, so that the next generation of professionals are aided and encouraged to develop skills and expertise in this important field of research and practice.

Technical Divisions