Members of the Forestry and Wildlife Technical Division


Dr. Jeremy StovallDr. Jeremy Stovall
Stephen F. Austin State University
Box 6109 SFA Station
Nacogdoches, TX 75962
(936) 468-2127

Dr. Fred J. BrennerDr. Fred J. Brenner
Grove City College
Grove City PA 16127
(724) 458-2113

The following is a member listing of those who have selected Forestry and Wildlife as a technical division of interest.

Adams, Mary Beth
Ballek, Leonard
Barnhisel, Richard
Barton, Christopher
Bauman, Jenise
Bearden, Eddie
Becenti, Gilbert
Billeter, Mitchell
Blake, Chris
Boardman, Gregory
Brumm, Daniel
Buss, Jennifer
Caterino, Bartholomew
Clark, Thomas
Coleman, Michele
Conrad, Paul
Dallaire, Kara
Daniels, Walter
Deneal, Gerald
Edwards, Alan
Fielding, Ellen
Fleisher, Kurt
Forrest, Allison
Franklin, Jennifer
Furness, Jeff
Griswold, Paul
Hamilton, Schuyler
Hufford, Kristina
Humphries, Neil
Kamber, Scott
Klopf, Sara
LaFantasie, Jordana
Lang, David
Lawson, Bruce
Long, Stefan
Luke, Forrest
Madl, David
Mahony, Ryan
Monteleone, Alexis
Morrison, Jesse
Neely, Cody
Oswald, Brian
Page, Bryan
Parker, Melanie
Patton, Hannah
Perry, Michael
Pietrzykowski, Marcin
Pinno, Brad
Polster, David
Rovder, Ashley
Schempf, Weston
Severson, John
Smyth, Clint
Spellman, Charles
Stahl, Peter
Stovall, Jeremy
Strahm, Brian
Ulrich, Pattama
Vinglish, Joshua
Vories, Kimery
Wagner, Anne
Whitaker, Richard
Whited, Morgan
Williams, Rich
Wojcik, Nathan
Yanish, Curtis
Zink, Cody
Zipper, Carl

Proposed Charter

The Forestry and Wildlife Technical Division of the ASMR includes professionals involved in all aspects of mining who are interested forestry and wildlife habitat as a post-mining land use, the establishment and functioning of forested ecosystems on mined land, and the use of reclaimed mined lands by animals from all taxonomic groups and habitat types.

Scope and Objectives:

  1. To promote reforestation and wildlife habitat appropriate end land uses for mined land.
  2. To promote activities, at all stages of reclamation, that lead to the establishment of self-sustaining, native forest and wildlife habitat.
  3. To provide a forum for discussions and exchange of information on scientifically based forestry and wildlife reclamation practices.
  4. To assure that our profession is involved in reclamation regulations, planning, implementation, and enforcement.
  5. To help educate the public with respect to the ability of post-mined lands to support healthy and productive forested ecosystems and wildlife populations.
  6. To cooperate with the other ASMR technical divisions, as well as groups outside of ASMR that are involved in mine reforestation and the creation of wildlife habitat, to further our common goals.
  7. To promote the involvement of young professionals in forest and wildlife reclamation through education and the exchange of ideas.

Subcommittees will be called on an as-needed basis.

Chair's Responsibilities:

  1. Arrange for review of papers submitted for the annual meeting.
  2. Chair the TD session of the annual meeting.
  3. Chair the annual TD business meeting.
  4. Serve as conduit for information exchange among members of the TD and with the NEC.
  5. Arrange for chair replacement when stepping down.