Members of the Geotechnical Engineering Technical Division


Dr. Suzette R. BurckhardDr. Suzette R. Burckhard
South Dakota State University
PO Box 2219
Brookings SD 57006
(605) 688-5316

The following is a member listing of those who have selected Geotechnical Engineering as a technical division of interest.

Aljack, Abdulkareem
Bromley, John
Burckhard, Suzette
Coakley, Jim
Danehy, Tim
Deneal, Gerald
Derossett, Clyde
Doyle, Sarah
Erickson, Wayne
Ferreira, James
Gaughan, John
Gonzalez, Libia
Gray, Richard
Guy, Daniel
Hamilton, James
Hawkins, Murphy
Hazen, Gary
Koenig, Casey
Kos, Paul
Krippaehne, Bill
Kuhn, Alan
Leifer, David
Mahony, Ryan
McGunagle, Patrick
McKenna, Gord
Nicholson, Billy
O'kane, Mike
Pennino, Amanda
Roychowdhury, Abhishek
Schlenvogt, James
Schmidt, Terry
Spellman, Charles
Spencer, John
Tsingine, Brian
Twumasi, Frederick
Wasley, Dustin
Whitaker, Richard
Yarkosky, Robert
Zhang, Zhuanfang


The Geotechnical Engineering Technical Division of the ASMR includes professionals involved in all aspects of mining who are interested in geotechnical issues associated with mining.

Scope and Objectives:

  • To promote good geotechnical engineering practices in reclamation and mining.
  • To provide a forum for discussions and exchange of information on geotechnical engineering issues such as stability of geotechnical structures, underground flooding of mines, waste storage, tailings embankments, impoundments in the coal and metal/non-metal mining industries, state-of-the-science geotechnical engineering investigation techniques, and fate and transport of geochemicals in the environment.
  • To assure that our profession is involved in reclamation regulations, planning, implementation, and enforcement.
  • To help educate the public with respect to the need for mining and the opportunities for reclamation.
  • To cooperate with the other ASMR technical division to further our common goals.

Subcommittees will be called on an as-needed basis.

Chair's Responsibilities

  • Review papers submitted for the annual meeting.
  • Chair the TD session for the annual meeting.
  • Chair the annual TD business.
  • Serve as conduit for information exchange among members of the TD and with the NEC.
  • Arrange for chair replacement when stepping down.


  • 2015 (This Technical Division met with the Soils and Overburden this year)