Regular Annual Membership

The Regular Membership fee is $50/year with the anniversary date of January 1 regardless when fees are paid unless notified when the dues are received. Life Membership is available when a person or company has been a member of at least 10 years.

No refunds will be made to a member even if they become deceased after dues are paid for one or multiple years, including registrations to meetings, journals, merchandise, etc. If ASMR is dissolved, no refunds of any kind will be made.

Online Membership Application Form – credit card payment only
Online Membership Renewal – credit card payment only
Printable Membership Application and Renewal Form – check payment

Reclamation Matters Subscription Only Option

ROM Recruit One New Member 2014

Regular Life Membership

The Life Membership fee is $1000 and is available when a person has been a member of at least 10 years.

Lifetime membership continues during the lifetime of either the individual or the Society. At the death of the individual or ending of the Society, all benefits such as publications, etc. end. In the case of the ending of the Society, the Life Member is not entitled to refunds unless directed by the NEC at the closure of the Society from that portion remaining of Life Membership Endowment. The return of these funds will not be made to the estate or trust of these individuals. The interest from this endowment is used exclusively for the operation of the ASMR Society and cannot be used for any other purpose. The Life member is responsible to notify ASMR of changes in their surface or e-mail address. If either surface mail or e-mails are returned, ASMR may or may not attempt to locate the Life member. In the case of publications, the Life member is responsible for providing postage for mailing these items that are returned.

The listing below contains the current Individual Life Members. Additional Life Members will be added when approperiate. Corporate Life Members are found on the Corporate page.

Life Membership Form 2018

Sustaining Membership

Sustaining membership is a special category, which is a more prestigious level of membership above that of a Regular Member. A membership Certificate is mailed to these members each year. The annual fee is $100, and the Life Sustaining Membership fee is $1,000.

No refunds will be made to a sustaining member even if they become deceased after dues are paid for one or multiple years, including registrations to meetings, journals, merchandise, etc. If ASMR is dissolved, no refunds of any kind will be made.


Adams, Cindy
Adams, Mary Beth (Sustaining)
Alexander, Robert
Aljack, Abdulkareem
Anderson, Tim
Austin, Henry (Lifetime)
Baldwin, Brian
Ballek, Leonard
Barnhisel, Richard (Lifetime)
Barton, Christopher
Bauman, Jenise
Beahm, Doug (Lifetime)
Becenti, Gilbert
Beckerle, Lawrence (Lifetime)
Beckett, Peter (Lifetime)
Behum, Paul
Belden, Scott
Bell, L.
Bengson, Stuart (Lifetime)
Bennett, Marty
Bertelsen, Kennet
Blair, Mehgan
Blake, Chris
Boyce, John
Bradcovich, Ronald
Brenner, Fred (Lifetime)
Brofas, George (Lifetime)
Brown, George (Lifetime)
Buchanan, Bruce (Lifetime)
Burckhard, Suzette (Lifetime)
Burger, James (Lifetime)
Burley, Jon (Lifetime)
Busbee, Daniel (Sustaining)
Butler, Barbara (Lifetime)
Campus, Julia
Cheng, Linlin
Clark, Belinda
Clark, Matthew
Clark, Thomas
Cline, Thomas
Coakley, Jim
Coats, Michael
Coleman, Michele
Conrad, Paul
Cravotta, Charles
Crawford, Daniel
Cude, Seth
Culwell, L. (Lifetime)
Dallaire, Kara
Danehy, Tim
Daniels, Walter
Darmody, Robert (Lifetime)
Deneal, Gerald
Denholm, Clifford
Derossett, Clyde
Doyle, Sarah
Driessen, Cally
Dunn, Margaret (Lifetime)
Dusenbury, Matt
Edwards, Alan
Eger, Paul
Erickson, Patricia (Lifetime)
Erickson, Wayne
Ewing, Justin
Fanning, Delvin
Farmer, Eugene (Lifetime)
Faulkner, Ben (Lifetime)
Ferreira, James
Flath, Sarah
Franklin, Jennifer
Franzman, Rio
Friedlander, Joe
Furness, Jeff
Galetovic, Josip (Lifetime)
Gallinger, Ross (Lifetime)
Gardner, J.
Gear, Jay
Geidel, Gwendelyn (Lifetime)
Gonzalez, Libia
Gray, Richard
Greenwald, Edward
Grey, Catherine
Griswold, Paul
Gusek, James
Guy, Daniel
Hamai, Takaya
Hamilton, James
Harper, Jarvis
Hass, Amir
Hawkins, Murphy
Haywood, Adam
Hazen, Gary
Horbaczewski, Jan
Hu, Zhenqi (Lifetime)
Huang, Longbin
Hufford, Kristina
Humphries, Neil (Lifetime)
Hunt, Thomas (Lifetime)
Inskeep, Darrell
Isabell, Mike (Lifetime)
Ison, Ray (Lifetime)
Janak, Edward
Jenkins, Michael (Lifetime)
Jennings, Stuart
Johnson, Yari
Jones, Gary (Lifetime)
Kalin, Margarete (Lifetime)
Kamber, Scott
Kane, Timothy
Kastens, Marilyn
Kent, Tim
Kershner, Beverly (Lifetime)
King, Lyle (Lifetime)
King, Summer
Kirsch, Bernie (Lifetime)
Kleinmann, Robert (Lifetime)
Klopf, Sara
Knight, Robert (Lifetime)
Koch, Patrick
Koenig, Casey
Kos, Paul
Kowalski, Randy
Kreitzer, Sarah
Kreman, Craig
Kruse, Natalie
Kuhn, Alan
LaBar, Julie
Lacy, Harley (Lifetime)
LaFantasie, Jordana
Lamson, Ralph
Lang, David
Lawson, Bruce
Learmont, R. (Lifetime)
LeCroy, Anthony
Liddle, Robert (Lifetime)
Lindbeck, Keith (Lifetime)
Lopez, Dina
Luther, Jim (Lifetime)
Macyk, Terry
Maggard, Randall (Sustaining)
Mahony, Ryan
McDonald, Louis
McKenna, Gord
Mclemore, Virginia (Lifetime)
Miedecke, John
Milnes, Anthony (Lifetime)
Molten, Eric
Morrison, Jesse
Mullennex, Ron
Mulligan, David (Lifetime)
Mumper, Jennifer
Muncy, Jack (Lifetime)
Nairn, Robert (Lifetime)
Nawrot, Jack (Lifetime)
Neely, Cody
Neuman, Dennis
Newton, Donald
Nicholson, Billy (Lifetime)
O'kane, Mike (Lifetime)
Oliver, Eric
Orndorff, Zenah (Lifetime)
Owens, Matthew
Oxenford, Leah
Parker, Douglas (Lifetime)
Paschke, Mark
Perkins, Steven
Peterson, Dean (Lifetime)
Pietrzykowski, Marcin
Pinno, Brad
Polster, David
Porterfield, David (Lifetime)
Pritchett, KeriAnne
Ralston, David (Lifetime)
Ramani, Raja (Lifetime)
Ramsey, Tim (Lifetime)
Reisinger, Robert
Ries, Ronald (Lifetime)
Rose, Arthur
Ryan, Peter (Lifetime)
Said, Maged (Lifetime)
Schladweiler, Brenda (Lifetime)
Schlenvogt, James
Schreibeis, Ronald (Lifetime)
Schroeder, Stephan
Schuman, Gerald (Lifetime)
Schwarzkoph, Bill (Lifetime)
Sena, Kenton
Sencindiver, John (Lifetime)
Shelley, Barry (Lifetime)
Shetron, Stephen (Lifetime)
Siemsglusz, Mary
Sivils, Rich
Skeet, William
Skilbred, Chet (Lifetime)
Skousen, Jeff (Lifetime)
Slight, Michael (Lifetime)
Slone, Tim (Lifetime)
Smyth, Clint
Spencer, John
Staley, Stacy
Stewart, Barry (Lifetime)
Strosnider, William (Lifetime)
Sylvester, Joseph
Taxer, Eric (Lifetime)
Teichert, Candice
Toy, Terry (Lifetime)
Truax, James
Trun, Nancy
Trusler, Graham (Lifetime)
Truter, Wayne (Lifetime)
Tsingine, Brian
Underwood, John
Van Houten, Lisa (Lifetime)
Vance, George (Lifetime)
Vasquez, Edward
Vicklund, Laurel (Lifetime)
Vories, Kimery (Lifetime)
Wagner, Anne
Walker, William
Walla, Chris
Ward, Dustin
Wasley, Dustin
Webb, Ashley
Welch, Guy
Whitaker, Richard (Lifetime)
Whiting, Kent
Wick, Abbey
Wildeman, Thomas (Lifetime)
Williams, Stephen (Lifetime)
Wirth, Meghan
Yanish, Curtis
Yarkosky, Robert
Zhang, Zhuanfang
Zimmerman, Clint
Zipper, Carl (Lifetime)