Student Membership, Scholarships and Grants

Student Members

Angel, Hannah
Breuer, Sarah
Brumm, Daniel
Buss, Jennifer
Cliff, Michelle
Ernst, Karina
Fleisher, Kurt
Fulton, Stephanie
Holzbauer-Schweitzer, Brandon
Jean, Stephanie
Lamberson, Wesley
Matthews, Zachary
Nattrass, Michael
Pennino, Amanda
Peterman, Cara
Schafer, Lindsey
Sena, Kenton
Shepherd, Nicholas
Sikora, Amy
Spellman, Charles
Steinberg, Rebecca
Tang, Zepei
Ulrich, Pattama (Part-Time)
Valkanas, Michelle
Zink, Cody

Student Chapters

There is a group within Regular and Student Members that are currently identified as "Early Career or Young Professionals." These items will be placed on the Regular Membership page.