Student Membership, Scholarships and Grants

Student Members

Angel, Hannah
Breuer, Sarah
Brumm, Daniel
Buss, Jennifer
Cliff, Michelle
Ernst, Karina
Fleisher, Kurt
Fulton, Stephanie
Holzbauer-Schweitzer, Brandon
Jean, Stephanie
Kane, Jennifer
Kemak, Zachary
Lagan, Kari
Lamberson, Wesley
Leifer, David
Little, Kathryn
Matthews, Zachary
Mayfield, Brianna
McGunagle, Patrick
Nattrass, Michael
Pennino, Amanda
Peppers, Madison
Peterman, Cara
Potopa, Andrew
Schafer, Lindsey
Sena, Kenton
Shepherd, Nicholas
Sikora, Amy
Spellman, Charles
Steinberg, Rebecca
Tang, Zepei
Twumasi, Frederick
Ulrich, Pattama (Part-Time)
Valkanas, Michelle
Wall, Taylor
Zink, Cody

Student Chapters

There is a group within Regular and Student Members that are currently identified as "Early Career or Young Professionals." These items will be placed on the Regular Membership page.