Members of the International Tailings Reclamation Technical Division


Dennis NeumanDennis Neuman
Assoc. Ed. Jasmr
3502 Parkway Ave
Bozeman, MT 59718
(936) 468-2127

The following is a member listing of those who have selected Tailings Reclamation as a technical division of interest.

Anderson, Tim
Ballek, Leonard
Behum, Paul
Bengson, Stuart
Bennett, Daryle
Bennett, Marty
Bowman, Thomas
Butler, Barbara
Conrad, Paul
Cude, Seth
Dallaire, Kara
Danehy, Tim
Daniels, Walter
Darmody, Robert
Eger, Paul
Ernst, Karina
Faulkner, Ben
Ferreira, James
Fulton, Stephanie
Geidel, Gwendelyn
Gonzalez, Libia
Gray, Richard
Greenwald, Edward
Hager, Jonathan
Hamai, Takaya
Harper, Jarvis
Harvey, Kevin
Haywood, Adam
Jennings, Stuart
Johnston, Christopher
Klopf, Sara
Kreitzer, Sarah
Kuhn, Alan
LaBar, Julie
Laviena, Rajan
LeCroy, Anthony
Lindbeck, Keith
Mullennex, Ron
Neuman, Dennis
O'kane, Mike
Paschke, Mark
Perry, Michael
Polster, David
Reisinger, Robert
Schafer, Lindsey
Spencer, John
Steinberg, Rebecca
Tang, Zepei
Teichert, Candice
Thomas, Robert
Trun, Nancy
Valkanas, Michelle
Wasley, Dustin
Weigand, David
Yarkosky, Robert
Zimmerman, Clint


The International Tailing Reclamation Technical Division of ASMR includes professionals and academics involved in aspects of mining that are interested in, or are involved with, reclamation of mill tailings including fine slurry materials and other mineral wastes related to the beneficiation of minerals.

Scope and Objectives:

  1. To promote the successful reclamation of tailing impoundments and related mine waste environs.
  2. To provide a forum for discussion and exchange of information of information dealing with tailing reclamation.
  3. To assure our profession is involved in reclamation regulation, planning, implementation, and enforcement.
  4. To inform the public of the need for sustainable mining, opportunities, reclamation successes, and environmental benefits as a result of modern reclamation.
  5. To cooperate with other ASMR Technical Divisions to further our common goal.
  6. To promote the involvement of young professionals involved with tailing reclamation through education and the exchange of ideas.

Special committees may be established for special programs and duties on an as-needed basis.

Chair's Responsibilities:

  1. Promote tailing reclamation programs at the annual ASMR conference.
  2. Review technical papers submitted for the annual ASMR conference.
  3. Chair the ITRTD business meeting.
  4. Participate in the annual TD business meeting.
  5. Serve as a conduit for information exchange among the member of the ITRTD and with the NEC.
  6. Arrange for chair replacement when stepping down.


  • 2015 (This Technical Division met with the Soils and Overburden this year)